crab people - and so it begins...

Niste baieti au prins un homar de vreo 2 kile si, zice-se, de vreo 10 ani. Nimic nou sub soare, au mai prins si altii.

Dar nu cred ca multi au prins un homar ca asta:

"[...]this one will stand out for something quite extraordinary: it has six claws.
Capt. Peter Brown and fisherman Richard Figueiredo were lobster fishing aboard The Rachel Leah, one of the five boats featured in “Lobster Wars” on Discovery Channel, when they caught the four-pound, 10-year-old crustacean in one of their traps off Hyannis, Massachusetts.
On the left side, they noticed five Edward Scissorhands-like claws where only one claw should be. A normal claw was on the other side." sursa
Fotografia a fost facuta de Richard Figueiredo, F/V Rachel Leah.

A, si in caz ca se intreaba cineva ce-i cu "crab people", un search pe Google cu "crab people southpark" ar trebui sa clarifice treaba.

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